Children in Crisis (CiC) in partnership with Architects without Borders Sweden and Jönköping University intentd to construct a boarding school that will increase access to quality education and enroll over six hundre children from the local areas and the nearby townships.

The school will be located in Southern Province, 130km from the capital, Lusaka. About 3 km from the confluence of the Zambezi and Kafue rivers and the border with Zimbabwe. The province borders Zimbabwe along the Lower Zambezi National Park in the south, Central Province in the north, Southern Province in the south-west and Eastern Province in the north-east. Lusaka is the capital and largest city in Zambia, with a population of 2,731,696 (2020). It is situated in the southern part of he central plateau at an altitude of about 1,279 metres. The city is one of the fastest developing cities in southern Africa. It is the center of Zambia's commerce and government and is connected to the country's four main highways running north, south, east and west.